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Cybersecurity month is the perfect time to talk about the importance of web security and creating a secure website. SiteGround provides security out-of-the-box, to keep your business safe in order to increase traffic and engagement with your customers. Cybersecurity month is just what you need to get your website ready for potential threats that hackers may have on their end. Here are some easy features that SiteGround offers, which can be used in under 5 minutes; SSL protection buffer overflow protection.

  • We have a free, preinstalled SSL for every website we host and migrate to us. We also offer a 1-click interface that installs the client’s desired SSL certificate automatically.
  • SiteGround makes sure that all hosting customers have access to WordPress managed autoupdates and a free Security WordPress plugin. The Security plugin gives WP users 2-factor authentication, a custom login URL, and the ability to hide their WP version, limitation of login attempts and more…
  • Every SiteGround customer has access to 2-factor authentication to protect their websites and personal data from unauthorized access. It is one of the most effective ways for prevent high risk situations.
  • Our AI system blocks between 500,000 to 2 million bruteforce attempts per hour. It has a success rate of 95% when detecting bad bots.
  • We have a team of Security Experts who constantly monitor security bulletins and vulnerabilities to make sure your apps are safe. They use in-house managed Web Application Firewall that protects your site as soon as you sign up with us.
  • SiteGround uses multiple layers of software and hardware to protect your website from DDoS attacks.
  • Our backup system is one of the best in the web hosting industry, too – we do geographically distributed backups with an easy interface that allows for full site, database or specific files restore. And while many of our competitors charge for backups (or restores), our backups are completely free for every site we host! Free full-site backups for every site.
Sale on Premium Security Add-ons

To celebrate CyberSecurityMonth Siteground is launching some deals on their best-selling premium security add-ons beginning October 3. You can mention them in your content and use them as a unique offer that adds extra value to our already feature-packed plans!

  • A free Site Scanner will detect malware for 3 months, with a 50% discount on first renewal. Prevention is the best cure when it comes to security. Site Scanner will scan a website on a daily basis for malware, dodgy links and domain blacklisting and will immediately notify the site owner if anything suspicious is detected. On its premium version, the Site Scanner will even scan all files uploaded to a site at this time, making it one of the best monitoring services you can add to a website.
  • Get 50% off of a Premium Wildcard SSL for the sites that need monetary warranty or dynamic site seal on their site.
  • By using the Domain Privacy service, you will be able to shield your personal info from being found through public WHOIS databases. Additionally, Domain Privacy will also protect you from identity theft, spam and more.

Security is always a timely and hot topic, so getting your content out there will be easier with web security content. Be sure to use the CyberSecurityMonth hashtag in social media to increase awareness of web protection features.

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