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The set up for my morning routine starts with a wake up call from Google Assistant, who then tells me the weather forecast and news.

I work out at home 2 days a week, and in the office the rest. On any given day, I split my time in the office and working on my own. At work, sometimes I crave coworker interaction and sometimes I just want to avoid people. But when it’s sunny outside and I have an e-bike right next door, traveling to the office is a blast either way.

After arriving at work, I review my email and calendar and plan out my day. This includes making sure that I block off some time for myself to focus on my top projects.

I start my day by making adjustments to my calendar, inbox, and scheduling time to focus on my top projects. I also take time to gather key insights from research, so that I can explain things clearly to the team.

This week, I’m busy with gathering key user insights from research and preparing for a product review. This helps our team address the concerns of users, and it also allows us to explain things in a simple way that makes sense to everyone.

I head to a conference room around 9:00 in the morning, and spend most of my day on Google Meet. These meetings with user focus groups help me better understand what types of privacy controls they’re using and would like as well as making sure I have full knowledge of their settings.

I walk outside to meet up with some of my colleagues and head to the Maritime Social Cafe. On the way we stop to play with the dogs in Google’s doogler area.

The conference room has been reserved for the Google Asians. They are talking about the representation of Asians in marketing and working out ways to help create more inclusion within their industry. I always find their work interesting, so I’m glad to be there and hearing what they think.

I’m going back to my desk and doing some writing for the next couple of hours. My priority today is something I want to complete: the latest content update for Assistant privacy controls. That includes making sure videos are up to date and translating them appropriately for users in other languages.

I usually listen to music when I’m working. I try to balance meetings with tasks and make each day as productive as possible. Sometimes, I’ll create Calendar tasks and cross them off my list. The mix of completed tasks and meetings on my calendar is a source of truth to keep me accountable for the projects I’m spending time on.

As I head out for the day, I make sure to check my inbox one last time in case I missed any notifications, before watering the plant on my desk.

I like to listen to my music or radio while I work out, and then while walking home or doing household tasks.

After class, I spend my time either going on a date or to meet up with friends to grab dinner, or staying home and cooking. Afterward, I’ll either watch TV or do something more interactive.

The last to-do of the day, I ask my personal assistant to set my alarm, by using the voice command and facial recognition features on my Nest Hub Max Smart Display.

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