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Monitoring Network center

The monitoring tool provides full information so you can easily identify potential threats and compromised devices.

Watch live home securely access from anywhere

Find out how to instantly analyze your home network for any abnormal network activity.

Learn about how your information is kept secure when using their wireless

Times you might want to know who needs bandwidth and why

Monitoring Ultra-fast Wireless Connectivity

Scan any devices that have accessed inappropriate websites for security purposes. If the device is found, apply web filters to prevent future access to similar sites.

How you can automate your home and office with the WiFi Stick

With traffic shaping, you can enact instant defenses against malware and regulate your network based on your needs.

The benefits of Device Control

Make bandwidth limits and access restrictions by taking advantage of the Traffic Monitor or your policies.

Facts about application QoS

The usage of bandwidth can be allocated for gaming, specifically limiting file share programs to appropriate bandwidth. It also provides a continuously updated list of bandwidth allocations for services.

Get advanced control over your wireless connectivity

You can have up to five networks, set bandwidth limits, and define application Quality of Service rules for each simultaneously.


SRM’s powerful reporting features can allow you to gain a deep understanding of your network and to monitor it on the go.

How to have more convenient, flexible and information

Export your reports to CSV and HTML formats.

Learn more about automatically generated reports with schedules.

Download reports by text for on-the-go access.

Security report interval

How to achieve fast WiFi speeds with only six antennas

This black 2.5-by-12.5-by-8 inch (HWD) router has six adjustable, non-detachable antennas, and seven status lights to indicate power and LAN, WAN, and Wi-Fi activity and has five Ethernet ports with one fast ethernet WAN/LAN port.

The RT6600ax is a tri-band router, capable of data rates up to 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, 4,800Mbps on one of the 5GHz bands, and 1,200Mbps on a second 5GHz band for a total theoretical maximum of 6,600Mbps. The device is powered by a quad-core CPU running at 1.8GHz and 1GB of DDR3 memory in addition to supporting Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technologies including Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), 160MHz channel bandwidth, MU-MIMO simultaneous data streaming, WPA3 encryption, and beamforming (direct signal transmissions).

Synology RT6600ax router review

The RT6600ax is compatible with Synology’s other mesh routers for Wi-Fi networks.

The Synology RT6600ax can be installed and managed using their easy to use web-based interface, or the DS Router mobile app. The web console offers a more visually pleasing interface, with the same look and feel as Synology’s DiskStation Manager console which is used to control the company’s NAS devices. It sports a colorful Windows-like desktop, with icons that guide you through the various management screens. The Network Center screen lets you manage network connections, monitor resources, configure QoS settings, and configure port-forwarding and port-triggering settings. The Wi-Fi Connect icon opens a screen where you can configure Wi-Fi settings, enable guest networking and view a list of currently connected clients and which band they are connected to.

The Safe Access screen also offers four settings that you can adjust for your app. You can assign devices to each profile and set a web filter for them, creating an Employee profile with a Child filter, or a Guest one with no filter at all. Network Protection will also block phishing, malware, and access to dangerous websites so you can safely browse the internet without hassle.

Safe Access updates can be found and installed in the Package Center, which is also where you’ll find the VPN Server Plus software. You can also backup and restore router settings through the Control Panel.

Testing the Synology RT6600ax: Strong 2.4GHz, Weaker 5GHz

Setting up a router was easy and quick. I just unplugged the modem, plugged in my RT6600ax, turned it on, and connected my desktop PC to the router via wireless. I found the setup wizard by typing “” into my browser’s URL bar and configured my account, SSID, password, and date settings within 30 seconds of tapping Apply.

The RT6600ax had mixed throughput performance on the 2.4GHz tests. It scored higher than all competitors in the close-proximity (same room) test and 30-foot tests, but didn’t compare favorably to competitors during the 30-foot test.

We tested how fast the router transfers files, and found that it took around 4 minutes to transfer a 1.5GB folder.

How I got an Ultrafast and secure wireless connection

An installation tutorial for easy to install things

5 Things To Consider When Shopping for Wireless Routers

The importance of WAN/LAN

The ease of use, the unlimited affordability, and secure network this provides your home

All the pros and cons of a wireless connection

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